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Vibra GZII Atex Approved Bench Scales

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The intrinsically safe GZII series is ATEX approved for Zone 1 applications. Stainless steel housing, tough body ideally suited to industrial scene. Tuning-fork sensor has high precision which can be maintained for a long time with high speed response and stable indication. Stainless steel goods plate and housing with aluminium sub-frame. User-friendly operation. LED display with 17mm high characters. Features: Comparator function for mixture or filling up HI; OK; LO;  20-step bar graph display readily indicates the current load against the capacity. Dry cell battery options giving 150 hours of continuous operation.



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Model: Capacity: Readability: Pan Size: Trade Approved: Price:
GZII-2000EX 2000g 0.01g 170(Round)       red-cross Contact us
GZII-6000EX 6000g 0.1g 250mm x 202mm       red-cross Contact us
GZII-12KEX 12kg 0.2g 250mm x 202mm       red-cross Contact us
GZII-30KEX 30kg 1g 360mm x 326mm       red-cross Contact us
GZII-60KEX 60kg 1g 360mm x 326mm       red-cross Contact us
GZII-60KFEX 60kg 2g 395mm x 610mm       red-cross Contact us
GZII-100KFEX 100kg 5g 395mm x 610mm      red-cross Contact us
GZII-200KFEX 200kg 10g 395mm x 610mm      red-cross Contact us

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